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At Flower Bomb Media we are committed to doing business in ways that are socially, economically, and environmentally responsible. Our current and future brands and affiliates are driving the cultural conversation, on the front lines of global movements, and are helping to make a positive impact of change around the world. We not only inform our audiences but strive to inspire them to take meaningful action by leading by example.



We believe it is our responsibility to deliver the highest quality content and experiences expected from our brands for our readers, partners, and affiliates, but in a way that reduces our impact on the planet.


We recognize that we have a responsibility to do more and that includes raising awareness, contributing to the global debate, and sharing solutions that ensure our industry, readers, etc. are actively engaged in protecting the natural world. We are committed to playing a more active role in informing our readers on these issues, inspiring them to take action, and working with partners to create meaningful change.

In July 2020, our brands underwent a complete overhaul and became completely digital to reduce our global environmental footprint, in hopes that our audiences and competitors would do the same.

Sustainable glossaries

The Sustainable Fashion & Beauty Glossaries are part of our commitment to create change in the world of fashion, beauty, design and style; and combines our unique perspective on these industries need for sustainability.

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